• Learning Barometer

    The Simulation Learning Barometer is a benchmarking and monitoring device for measuring the impact of simulation-based pedagogies in business education. The barometer can also be used to monitor changes in learning outcomes following adjustments to pedagogy (e.g. assessment, learning resources). The Barometer includes a number of constructs to measure learning, collaboration, engagement and self efficacy and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

  • Simulators

    Confused about which simulator to use for your unit? This resource provides a list of the major online business simulators. More detailed profiles are provided for some of the simulators that are featured to help you find a simulator that is the best fit for your unit.

  • Case Studies

    Our case studies provide examples of simulation pedagogies across a range of business fields. Explore how business educators have embedded simulations into their units and the techniques and assessment tasks used to optimize student learning. A number of cases also include resources such as marking rubrics and student assessment guides.

Welcome to the project

Welcome to the website for the Online Business Simulations project funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The purpose of this project is to evaluate and promote pedagogies that enhance the learning outcomes of online simulations in business education. This site provides a range of resources to support educators who are considering the use of online simulations as a learning tool. Read Moreā€¦

The competitiveness that the simulation engenders is really valuable. The real worldliness of it all - it really is what it's like in real life.
Paul Whitelaw, William Angliss Institute

Project update

Join us for a forum showcasing innovative pedagogies for developing business graduate capabilities. Speakers and other details available... More

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