A-Z Index of Simulations

ABW is a developer of business simulations for students at schools and universities with more than 150,000 participants over the past 20 years. The Single Player Simulation is a game played online against cyber opponents. To win the game students must outperform virtual opponents in debt ratios, market share, profitability, return on assets, return on equity, share price and total assets. ABW offers five simulations in manufacturing, IT, hospitality, retail and food service.

The AdSim Advertising simulation is specifically designed for Advertising courses. Students run the advertising campaign for the Digital Camera division of a large Consumer Electronics Corporation.

ERPsim™ games are a series of business simulations run on live SAP®. Unlike other turn-based simulations used for business training, ERPsim™ games have participants use the system in faster than real-time. This requires them to make on the spot decisions regarding sales, pricing, product components, marketing investments, cash management, production sequencing and more, all by using the reports and transactions found in SAP.

Participants need efficient learning tools to prepare themselves for the real business world. The Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS) is a business strategy simulation which allows them to test new strategies and methods while respecting market realities.

Capstone is an advanced business strategy simulation perfect for higher-level strategy and policy courses within a business school. Capstone bridges the knowing-doing gap by giving students a platform to apply the knowledge they’ve gained throughout their curriculum. Students must implement a strategy and develop tactical decision-making for long-term success, all while taking into consideration their competition and a quickly changing marketplace. Students compete in teams or as individuals with 5-8 products in 5 market segments. Decisions include: R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance, TQM, HR, Labor Negotiations.

Comp-XM® is an individual simulation-based assessment that measures business knowledge and application. Used in conjunction with Capsim’s Foundation®, GlobalDNA®, or Capstone® simulations. Comp-XM delivers self-service and custom assurance of learning reports used in accreditation as well as reliable data for student development and grading.

Foundation exposes students to the fundamentals of business strategy and is ideal for mid-level business courses. Foundation offers students a platform to test assumptions and learn from their mistakes in a fast-paced, hands-on simulated business environment. Students build an understanding of functional areas and how departmental decisions affect each other and their company as a whole. Students compete in teams or as individuals with 1-5 products in 2 market segments. Decisions include: R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance, TQM, and HR.

GlobalDNA is an international business strategy simulation perfect for strategy and policy courses with an international component. GlobalDNA provides students with a platform to explore why and how companies choose to compete internationally. As they gain insight into multinational operations, they are challenged by differing market conditions and how those conditions influence strategy. Students compete in teams or as individuals with 1-4 products in 2 market segments over 3 international regions. Decisions include: R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance.

CapsimCore is perfect for any entry-level business course, exposing students to business concepts and terminology in a fun, engaging and flexible simulated environment. From streamlined onboarding and scoring to automated decisions and debriefing, CapsimCore is easy for students to use and easy for professors to administer. Students compete in teams or as individuals with 1-5 products in 2 market segments. Decisions include: R&D, Marketing, Production, and Finance.

Cesim SimFirm is a product based business management simulation that integrates the functional areas of production, marketing, and logistics. It increases the participant’s awareness of operating a company from a general management perspective.

The participants run their hotel and restaurant operations in competition with other teams. They can try and practice with different scenarios as well as analyze the outcomes of their decisions and projections. For each round, the simulation generates a range of detailed reports that help the teams to analyze and benchmark their performance against their competitors. Financial results are reported according to the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants and for the Lodging Industry.

Cesim Global Challenge has been designed to improve the understanding and knowledge of the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic, competitive environment.

The simulation consists of eight customer segments in two market areas and a maximum of six different smartphone products that can be offered to the markets simultaneously. To encourage unique strategy creation and execution, participants start their Cesim SimBrand companies fresh without any operations history. The simulation generates a range of reports that will help the teams to analyze and benchmark their own performance against their competitors. The simulation covers marketing topics including product life cycle management, segmentation, positioning, distribution channel investments, advertising budget allocation, after sales services, pricing, sales forecasting, marketing research, competitor analysis, research and development, and profitability.

Cesim Project management simulation game has been designed to capture the essence of project management in an environment of collaborative and competitive elements.

Cesim OnService is a service based business simulation that integrates the functional areas of HR management, capacity management, pricing and marketing.

Cvent's online event management software provides event planners with a complete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event costs. By automating the event management processes, our software enables you to focus your time on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time consuming tasks.

Edumundo offers several interactive management simulations and business games that increase student learning through a mixture of competitiveness, decision-making, intelligent feedback and fun. The company's flagship product is ProSim but the company also offers management simulations based around a bicycle company, a chocolate factory, a tour operator and a marketing simulation for a jeans clothing company.

EthicsGame offers online ethics simulations designed for the vocational, undergraduate and graduate levels. Their Ethics Exercises™ introduce and reinforce both compliance and ethical concepts through rapid-fire, multiple choice questions. They also offer short and engaging virtual simulations calld Hot Topics Simulations™ that challenge students to make decisions from multiple ethical perspectives. Their Core Values™ product is a team based, writing intensive simulation series used in Business Courses such as Business Law, Strategic Management and Business Ethics.

Online simulations from Harvard Business Publishing use real-world contexts to reinforce student learning.

Simulates real competitive market conditions for hotel operations. It provides a virtual marketplace where a number of hotels compete against each other. It is designed to help participants to develop problem identification, problem prioritizing, and problem solving skills; specifically the development of skills to understand and apply the cause and effect relationships between performance measures (effects) and their causes. It is also designed to enable participants to develop team building and teamwork skills by making participants act as a member of hotel management team. Each member of the team acts as the manager of a specific operational area of a hotel. Operational decisions includes, but not limited to, capital investment, operating expenditures, marketing expenditures and pricing strategies. External factors such as day of the week, demand patterns, etc. are also factored in the simulation.

HOTS is an online business simulation that requires students to run a hotel. The simulation has a wide range of features that include strategy, human resources, marketing, finance, operations and sustainability. HOTS can be tailored by the lecturer or instructor to suit any level of study by altering the parameters of the simulation. HOTS is ideal for introducing students to long term business strategies and scenario planning. The simulations's parameters can be set to present a wide range of economic, social and environmental problems for students to solve.

HTi provides students with a broad overview of the hospitality industry. Through activity-based learning, students explore career paths and opportunities within each sector of the industry in an exciting simulated environment.

Industry Masters offer a range of cloud-based business simulations in airport management, telecommunications, IT, fashion retail, hospitality, sustainability, car dealer simulation, machinery manufacturing and retail banking. Using virtualized cloud technology and a database driven platform, these simulations can be used in almost any setting and delivered in synchronous and asynchronous modes. Educators can organise single user learning sessions, remotely managed distance learning classes, exciting multiplayer competitions in the classroom or virtual teams. The company provides instructor resources and guides, case study materials and distance learning packages.

Markops is an entry-level marketing simulation software designed for educators who seek to bring real world experience to entry-level marketers and non-marketing personnel. While it also focuses on operational marketing, Markops keeps all the key principles of strategy at the core of decisions. Teams have to play along with quite a number of corporate and divisional levels, such as R&D, finance, HR, production, distribution and market research, in order to succeed.

Markstrat is a strategic marketing simulation which offers MBA students and professionals a risk-free platform to test theories and make decisions. Thanks to this marketing strategy simulation game every aspect is real: from competitive forces to the effects of sales, distribution, R&D and advertising.  Each team’s actions will have direct consequences on the market, thus competitive analysis is a must. Competitor actions and reactions, new product launches, sales and distribution strategies all define how teams will manage their own product portfolio, R&D projects, positioning, pricing and distribution channels.

Interactive interface students will be taught the cross-functional disciplines of business, and how the development and implementation of strategy involves these disciplines. The competitive element of MikesBikes encourages students to understand these principles.

Introduction to Business Simulation that teaches the key concepts of business as students run their own company.

Mt. Nebo Pumpkins, is a sole propriety business. The business rents two acres of land to grow pumpkins for sale to stores on the Wasatch Front and runs U-Pick sales to other customers. The business uses a general journal and a general ledger. Source documents include: memos, checks, receipts, adding machine tape, sales invoices, petty cash vouchers, equipment asset records, a deprecation schedule, bank statement, etc. Other forms used by the business include: bank reconciliation, 8 column worksheet, balance sheet form, income statement form, yearly task planner, etc. Students organize, use and complete the documents provided to complete the accounting cycle for the business. Insturctions for using the simulation with Peachtree are also included

Students take over an MP3 Player division of a large Consumer Electronics Corporation. The division was created to launch an assault on the MP3 Player market and students have the opportunity to formulate their Sales, Marketing and Distribution strategy. The challenge is to build their firm into the leading player in the market.

Prendo has a portfolio of simulations that cover a wide range of management topics, and are available for immediate use including: managing stakeholders, project leadership, project control, managing change and crisis management.

RealityWorks offer three online Business Education Simulations to give students the hands-on experience of making business decisions. Each simulation lets participants run their own virtual business. 'RealCareer Business Management' gives students the ability to experience a realistic business scenario where they develop and market a new product. 'RealCareer Entrepreneurship' is a business management role-playing scenario that delivers in-depth business, marketing and finance concepts. 'RealCareer Business Finance' offers a simulation that requires students to dive into a financially unstable business and try to turn it around. The focus is mainly on financial concepts.

Red Global offers a number of business simulations focused on hotel management (HotelSim), revenue management (RevSim & RateSim), and food and beverage management (F&BSim).

AIRLINE Online is a business simulation based around the planning, establishment and operation of an airline. The simulation focuses on financial management, marketing and advertising, scheduling, business analysis, procurement, service levels, network planning and cargo operations.

In The Business Strategy Game, 1 to 5 class members are assigned to operate an athletic footwear company that produces and markets both branded and private-label footwear and competes head-to-head against footwear companies run by other members of the class. As many as 12 companies can compete in a single industry grouping (class sizes above 50 are typically divided into two or more industry groups).

Traction is a strategic simulation game. Students develop their startup company in both pre and post revenue stages. Focusing on the team, funding, product development, business models, internal processes this simulation combines academic concepts and practical experience.