Post-Simulation Attitudes

Section 1, Question 3

The following items are about your satisfaction and enjoyment of the simulation. Please rate your agreement with the following statements (1=Strongly Disagree...5=Strongly Agree).

  1. The simulation was challenging
  2. I enjoyed learning with the simulation
  3. The simulation made the course more interesting
  4. The simulation allowed me to build on knowledge gained from previous courses
  5. The simulation allowed me to learn from my mistakes through trial and error
  6. I feel I am more ‘work ready’ after using the simulation
  7. The skills and knowledge learnt during the simulation will be useful for my future career
  8. I am satisfied with the online software application used for the simulation
  9. Overall, I learned a lot from the simulation
  10. Overall, I am satisfied with the simulation as a learning tool
  11. Overall, the simulation has met my expectations


  • Items 1 to 5 measure attitudes about the simulation
  • Items 6 to 8 measure attitudes about career readiness
  • Items 9 to 12 measure satisfaction