Pre-Simulation Expected Learning Outcomes

Section 1, Question 2

The following items are about your expectations of how the simulation may benefit your learning. Please rate your agreement with the following statements (1=Strongly Disagree ...5=Strongly Agree).

I expect that the simulation will develop my…

  1. problem solving skills
  2. planning skills
  3. understanding of finance
  4. understanding of marketing
  5. understanding of staffing
  6. understanding of operations
  7. understanding of strategic management
  8. understanding of how the different departments of an organization interact with each other
  9. understanding of ‘real world’ problems faced by organisations trying to make a profit
  10. knowledge of key business terms, concepts and conventions
  11. ability to apply my knowledge to a business
  12. ability to analyse data
  13. ability to evaluate problems and make decisions
  14. ability to create new ideas or plans


  • Expectations: items 1-9
  • Bloom's taxonomy: items 10-14