Pre-Simulation Survey

The pre-simulation survey should be administered before students receive training and instruction on the use of the simulation. This will normally occur at the start of a unit. The pre-simulation survey measures a number of constructs. Individual scale items can be downloaded by clicking on the links in the table below. For more information about these constructs click here.



Expected learning outcomes

Section 1: Learning from simulations
Q2 (items 1 to 9)

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Section 1: Learning from simulations
Q2 (items 10 to 14)

Expected enjoyment

Section 1: Learning from simulations
Q3 (items 1 to 6)


Section 2: Teamwork
Q4 (items 1 to 7)


Section 3: Individual engagement
Q5 (items 1 to 9)

HOTS | AirlineOnline | Capsim

Section 4: Problem solving case study
Q6 to Q12


Section 5: About You
Q13 to Q21

Survey Examples

The following examples were used during the project to measure learning outcomes for commonly used simulations: